Meet the Artist

Heather Smith

I'm Heather, the sole creator and artist of MiniMythicals! I started sculpting with polymer clay in late 2016 after I discovered other clay artists.  Even though I've gravitated toward artistry and creativity all my life, I had never sculpted! I preferred pencil sketching and painting. After working with polymer clay the first time, I knew I had found my calling. I find it therapeutic and satisfying - and the best feeling is sharing all my creation with my supporters!

I live in the mountains of Arizona with my husband, two kids, three dogs, and five cats. (Yes! Five cats! If I didn't have clay as my creative outlet, I swear I'd end up a crazy cat lady.) In our free time, my family enjoys ALL the DIY projects, playing video games, and enjoying food. We spend spend a lot of our time building things and helping the kids with their extracurricular activities. Family is the most important thing!