Welcome to The Magical Realm of Esairys! Here you will find miniature hand crafted mythical beasts of all kinds - dragons, unicorns, griffins, and imaginary hybrid creatures. All sculptures are handmade by me! Each is a one of a kind piece of miniature art.


Design a Dragon or Unicorn

Design your very own miniature polymer clay companion!

You get to choose how your miniature dragon or unicorn will look. 

For baby dragons: choose the pose, the colors, the markings, and the name.

For adult dragons: choose the pose, two colors, spike style, wings style, markings, name, and gender.

For unicorns: choose the pose, two colors, wings or no wings, mane/tail style, markings, name, and gender.

The possibilities are almost endless! No two end up alike. Click on the link below to get started!


Custom Order Information

Customs/commissions are open a few times a year. I open a few spots (up to five) and they are created on a first come, first serve basis.  You can reserve your spot in line by purchasing a non-refundable custom order deposit ($25) on Etsy.  The deposit DOES go toward the full price of the sculpture, which is due upon completion and must be paid within a week of finishing and before it will ship.

A custom order is any order that can not be fulfilled by the Design-Your-Own options.  This means any sculpture that is not a dragon or unicorn, or any sculpture that is more complex than the DYO can provide.  Feel free to contact me with any questions or for a ballpark quote. (I can not give an exact cost due to variables such as spur of the moment changes or last minute add ons. But I do my best to stay close to the price range given.)

Check my Etsy shop below to see if deposits are open. Make sure to follow me on social media for the most accurate and up to date info on when customs will open!